Wednesday, 10 February 2010


Well John and Fionn have jet set off to Panama for some sand sea and surf. Last time I spoke to John and Fionn they had just found themselves an amazing place to stay with a really good right hand point break in the front garden, and a good beach break just round the corner, so no doubt they will both be getting plenty of time in the water.

Since they have been gone the waves here in Porthleven have been amazing. Biggest i think i have ever seen it. Insanely crowded out in the water though which sucks. Where do they all come from? Anyways here is a little video of the stuff i shot in between working, and sneaking a quick half hour surf in.

Still getting to grips with the housing, the session i got in with it turned out over exposed, as i had set it up for the grey flat light, then the sun came out! Never mind. It was pretty hectic and a good 4-6ft on the sets and i wasn't too keen on catching one on the head. Brings a new found sense of respect for the work of surf photographers like Mickey Smith and the frankly insane places they place themselves in the heaviest of wave spots.

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