Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Big Boy Toys

We were filming down at Rosevale mine down in the deep depths of west Penwith, and our friendly mine enthusiast, and general nice guy Tony Bennett let us loose with a rock drill and air leg. We were recreating the feeling of an old working mine, hence the period dress!

Jake the Snake

We have a snake in the studio. Fact. Ladies and Gentlemen the newest member of the sharkbayfilms team is Jake aka Gurdoosh, aka Colin the 2year old 5foot long Boa Constrictor. He's a beaut. And is settling in nicely. Come and have a cuddle if your passing.


We did a project with a couple of surgeons John Mcgrath & Jon Aning from The Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital for a charity called urolink. We produced an instructional dvd on circumcision and a hydrocele. Which for three blokes was quite a challenge to film without eyes watering! After a further meeting with John Mcgrath we will be working on a couple more projects in early 2010. But for now its nice to know that our work is in Tanzania, and Kurdistan and on its way to Ethiopia to help in the healthcare and wellbeing of people living over there.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Cornish Mining World Heritage

We are currently dashing about the county working on a project for the Cornish Mines and Engines discovery centre in East Pool. We have been commissioned by Cornish Mining World Heritage and The National Trust to produce their new video documenting the history of Cornish Mining. This is a fascinating project to be involved in and we are getting some great access to old photos and video footage that shows how the landscape around Cornwall has come to be today.

We have also been down the recently re-opened South Crofty which was intriguing, here are a couple of photos or them core sampling and one of the old workings.

We'll keep you updated on our progress. SBF

Monday, 9 November 2009

First Post

Well here it is the first post on the first sharkbayfilms blog. If you havent already head on over and check out our new website created by the whizzkid Alastair Sopp. SBF x